Monday, August 16, 2010

Navigating LAX

On Saturday morning, my cousin Joseph had a 4 hour layover at LAX. Joe was flying from Australia back to Atlanta. We decided that I would drive up to LAX and meet him for lunch on his layover. I have never driven on the 405 interstate and never to the airport. I programed the gps and took off. I drove on an interstate that has 7 lanes without the entrance and exit only lanes (in one direction). We are all driving about 70 mph and the traffic is as heavy as driving in rush hour on 280 in Birmingham. As I was getting to the airport Joe called me to say he was waiting at terminal 5 Delta. He also said he would not have a cell phone. I drove through the terminals (1-7) 4 times and still never found Joe. I called his friends cell and told her I could not find him. It turns out he was one floor up at departures and I was looking for him at arrivals. So now I have to figure out how to get onto the interstate and to get home. The traffic around the terminals is 4 lanes of traffic and 2 lanes inside the curbs, where you pick up people. It was really crazy. I turned on the gps to send me home and as soon as I turned on a street the gps told me to take the road I was passing. Then when I did not take the right road the gps would say "recalculating" and then it would take to long to recalculate and I would miss my turn again, and it would say "recalculation" at this point I am laughing at my luck of the day. I finally pull over so that my gps can figure out where I am and get me on the right road home. It was a very comical morning. I finally got home in time to rest for 1.5 hours before leaving for work. Now I feel very confident that in a 1.5 weeks when I have to go get my mom from the airport I will be able to navigate the entire trip. 

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