Monday, November 1, 2010

Cori read her 1st Christy Miller Book

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read! I want to pass my love of reading to my children, in the same way Nate wants to pass on his skill and love of video games. My favorite author wrote my favorite teenage series, The Christy Miller books. My copy of this book is the original cover that looks nothing like something a teenager would read now. So every time I show the book to Cori and try to get her interested she looks at the cover and says NO Thank you!.

Cori got in trouble last Monday and part of her punishment was to take the time to read this first book. It took her 2 days of playing around before she started to read it, another day to read it and then she was hooked. She has read the 2nd book and is into the 3rd book in just a week's time.

For anyone who has not read this series, Christy Miller leaves her home town in Wisconsin to move just south of Newport Beach, CA. The 2nd book picks up with her move and then how she adjusted to living in Southern California. Christy's rich Aunt and Uncle live in a house on the beach in Newport. I am so grateful that Cori is reading something in the Christian Fiction genre and not just Harry Potter and Twilight.

This is the closest cover I could find to mine, only I don't have the pink circle with the # of copies in print. 

This is what the cover looks like now

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