Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beach Edict

I went to the beach today. Yes, I know it is November but the weather was great. It was Sunny and about 90 degree's on the beach and about 105 further inland. Nate was at work and the kids are school, so instead of sit around the house, I packed up the books and cokes and hit the beach. I was about to enjoy about 3 hours of bliss on the beach. I took a bunch of pictures (200) of the waves, surfers, beach, ..etc. This was the first time in Cali and one of the few times ever, that I have been able to go to the beach by myself.

The waves were very calming and the water was cool and refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I don't actually get in the ocean. I have seen Jaws enough times to know better, when I can't see the bottom of the ocean. I remember going to the beach each summer with my family and my granddad teaching me to swim in the pool by my uncle Joe's condo and going to Uncle Raymond's house he rented every summer. As a kid I thought he owned the house and was super rich with all 6 kids and 2 houses. I would swim in the ocean with no fear of anything, get out on a float and ride the waves. The adult men would always go out with the kids and I never understood why my mom and aunts never would swim in the ocean with us. NOW I know, they were the smart ones. Now I am too. Nate will get in the ocean and do all the fun stuff with the kids while I am content to watch from my beach chair.

As for Beach Edict
~ When there are only 15 people on the entire beach, don't sit right next to someone else with your screaming kid. I left my kids at home, and want to read my book in peace. There are 50 feet all around me you could have chosen to sit, why me?

~ Teach your kids to NOT kick sand, I know it is hard but at least let them to stop when you see them kicking sand on other people and Laughing about it.

~ Do not change clothes on the beach, that is what the bathroom is for. (The Nude Beach is south into San Diego)

~ You are free to make out on the beach ( I have) but do not lay in the water and sand and be all X-rated for all the world to see. This couple today was like they were in a video and got all gross and people started leaving because of them. I was to far away to say something, or I would have.

~ They make bathing suits in ALL sizes, please find one in yours!

~ Everyone is required to wear a bathing suit, this is not your 9 year olds bath tub!

~ The birds will eat your food, even out of your hand so watch out!

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