Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slow Week, NOT!

I have posted about a couple of different things this week but here is the last week in a nut shell. 

Saturday ~ Sad day for the football team, loosing to LSU. Then I went to work and one of the regular bar guests (who is a Huge LSU Fan) came in to give me a hard time about my team. Roll Tide! I took it well and he got a few laughs. There were a few other guests at the other end of the bar who got involved in the ragging on me. It was kind of fun, (not the losing part) but Cali people just don't do football the way the SEC does and so it was nice to spend a few minutes with some SEC fans and discuss some football. 

Sunday ~ worked all morning, Nate was sick and stayed home with the kids. Came home and talked to my mom and Lucas on skype. He is already getting so big. I asked him to say "Roll Tide" and he said he couldn't say that. Then mom asked for a "war eagle" and he told her no too. Lucas got in trouble for something while I was talking to them and my mom threatened to put him in time out, he looked around the room and said "you don't have any corners for me to stand in" 

Monday ~ it was back to work and school for everyone. Joel came home from school and asked me about thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. 
Joel - are we going to have pumpkin pie, 
Me - yes. 
Joel - apple pie, 
Me - yes, 
Joel - cinnamon apples
Me - why, and no because I don't know how to make those
Joel - just take the apples you make for the pie and leave off the crust
Me - Joel you don't understand I don't make the pie, I buy it from the store and just bake it
Me - Ask Dad about thanksgiving food, that is his department, I would be happy sitting in the movie theater watching Harry Potter and eating popcorn

Tuesday ~ Nate finally passed a kidney stone (see earlier post) and he instantly felt better. I am glad to have the normal not sick Nate around the house. 

Wednesday ~ worked in the morning and then took the kids to turn in their money for recycling. They each got $15 which I was impressed with. Then I got the call to start my new job on Monday. Nate and I stayed home and watched "Grown Up"s which is a very funny movie for adults to watch. Not appropriate for kids. Nate told me that he planned to cook all the food for Thanksgiving. (YEA!) and he would get a list together so he could make all the foods the kids wanted. Good for Nate, he also knows that the only way he will get turkey is if he cooks it himself. 

Today and tomorrow the kids are out of school for Veteran's Day. Then they go to school for a week, then out for a week for Thanksgiving. The month of November is flying by. Have a great weekend ALL!

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