Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Answered Prayer ~ Heat!

We live in Sunny California, very close to the beach. When we moved into our place we were shocked to see that there was no A/C and no heat. When we asked the other people in the complex they explained to us that with the weather and the beach wind there was no need for the A/C and that you had a fireplace for the cooler nights in winter. By cooler I mean in the 40's.

We have noticed the evening and nights getting cooler in the living room area. Our bedroom stays really warm because we are surrounded on three sides. Nate and I were talking about getting a space heater for the living room to take the chill off in the evening and to help us stay warmer in the winter.  We did not need something big but even a space heater would cost money and then there is the added power usage to our bill.

Today while I was trying to figure out a space heater I remembered a neighbor telling us the fireplaces were gas just like the stoves. Our stove is not gas and our place has been remodeled so I assumed the fireplace had been changed too. The fireplace had had not been cleaned and had ashes and half burnt wood in it. So at dinner tonight I mentioned this to Nate and he checked it all out.

We DO have a gas burning fireplace and it WORKS! Thank you Lord for another answered pray, we had not uttered yet. It is not the prettiest fire....see picture but it heats the house quite well.....and our landlord pays the gas bill so we don't have any added expenses.

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