Friday, November 19, 2010

Cori's Concert

Last night Cori was in her first school concert. The 6th grade music class sang two songs during the program and then the entire group sang together at the end of the program. Cori is on the front row in a white and brown dress. To the right of Cori is her new best friend, Chloe. She is a black dress. There was some drama involving the outfit to wear to the concert. The girls were asked to wear a dress or skirt or black pants. Cori only owns one dress but we had to find shoes. She picked out a pair of my white sandals with heels to wear. Cori did a great job at the concert, singing the songs, smiling and being Cori! (The video is in a separate post in order to get them all on my blog) 
Before the Concert ~ in the kitchen

Before ~ Close Up

Chloe and Cori 

Cori getting ready to sing

After the concert

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