Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~ Kidney Stones ~ (Not Mine)

In November of 2005, Nate had a kidney stone. This was a 3 week long process of Dr's and Hospitals and ER's with no insurance and lots of prayers. It started out as what we thought was a UTI and then found out it was kidney stones. We had been at a family Thanksgiving Dinner when Nate had to be taken to the ER and spent the night in the hospital for the kidney stones. A week later Nate had to have surgery to have them removed.

So last Tuesday morning when Nate woke up with lower back pain, and the start of a UTI, I got scared. All the pain and stress and hospitals came screaming back to me. I took medicine and cranberry juice up to Nate at work. On the way I started praying for Nate. Not the please help him feel better prayers but the I need a miraculous healing Now kind of prayers. Over the course of the next week, Nate's pains came and went. Some days he would feel better and we thought he was getting better and then the next day the pain was back. He drank so much cranberry juice, cranberry pills, water, and that still didn't work. So yesterday morning Nate decided to call a clinic in the area and go to the Dr. Still praying he would be better I said okay. About 11am I got a text from Nate, "I just passed a freaking Kidney Stone!" Relief washed over me. Nate "I have the stone and already feel better" So last night I took a picture of the kidney stone and by this morning Nate is eating real food and drinking anything but cranberry juice and water! Thank you Lord that Nate is better and that we did not have to go through the ER, Dr's and Hospitals again!
Nate's Kidney Stone


Jennifer said...

I have never actually seen a kidney stone. Gross! I am glad he is feeling better though!

Valarie Barber said...

Neither have I until now. He did wash it off before bringing it home to show me.