Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful Thanks!

It is the week of Thanksgiving and time to be Thankful!
I want to take the time to list some of the things and people I am thankful for. We don't always take the time to be thankful for the things and people that God has placed in our life. 

  • My Saviour who is the reason I am here and the Salvation he has give Christians
  • Nate ~ he is the most awesome husband a wife could ask for
  • Cori ~ she is a great daughter that brings laughter and drama with her everywhere
  • Joel ~ is my little man, he is hyper and energetic and loves life and climbing trees
  • The Dogs ~ I am thankful for them most of the time, until I have to walk them for 15 mins in the cold. 
  • My parents ~ they are a great example of love and support for all their kids
  • My In-Laws ~ thank you for welcoming me into your family and loving me like a daughter....and raising an awesome Christian son who is a wonderful husband and father
  • Daniel, Christie and Dawn - we all have a love/hate relationship. Some days we all love each other and other days we hate each other but still stand by each other and support each other through so many different changes in our lives. I love all 3 of you. 
  • Leigh, Jason and David - congrats to all three of you for sticking with this wacky family and for loving my family
  • Jen and Carrie ~ you are both great sisters and I love you both. Thanks for loving me too.
  • Matt and Cliff ~ Thanks for being great brothers and fun to hang with. 
  • Lucas, Alex, David(eggroll) and Bryce ~ my 4 wonderful nephews...Being an aunt is great, spoil the kids and send them back to their mom's. When I hear the words, "Aunt Val" it just warms my heart. 
  • Grandparents on all sides ~ thanks for the legacy of strong Christian faith you have given all of us. 
  • Family ~ (all sides) ~ family is important and I love all of my family very much. Getting together and playing games, laughing and getting louder and louder is always fun. 
  • Friends and Facebook ~ I know it is weird to be thankful for facebook but it has made this past year so much easiler by staying in touch with family and friends through facebook. Keeping up with all my friends who are now all over the US, facebook has been a blessing. I don't always feel like I have moved quite so far away. 
So that takes care of the family and friends portion of the list. On to the material things that I am thankful for.These are in no particular order, just a few things I have to be thankful for. When you actually sit down and make a list, everything makes you thankful and the list can go on forever. Sometimes it is just nice to sit and count your blessings.
  • Football
  • Books
  • Internet
  • Tv
  • DVR's 
  • Food 
  • COKE
  • Sunshine
  • my contacts
  • camera and pictures to capture our memories

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