Sunday, November 21, 2010

Training Week

This past Monday I started at Maggiano's. It is an awesome restaurant and I am going to love working there. I was training with 2 other guys so there were only three people in the class. We had to learn every item on the menu and all the ingredients. I would get home from work at 4-4:30 and study till 11pm only taking time to eat with the family each night. It was a grueling set of tests and memorization. I passed all the tests and made it through training. I start serving on the Friday after Thanksgiving.....Black Friday!

We had to taste 23 food items every day. With only three of us to eat all this food, there was plenty to take home. Monday -Thursday night Maggiano's leftovers fed the family and also gave Nate something to eat for lunch. It was a great grocery bill week.

Wednesday at school Joel sand with some other kids for the grandparents. (see other post). Thursday night Cori had her concert at school. Friday night was "chill" night as I was exhausted from the week of training and Nate was going to be off on Saturday as well. We watched Harry Potter 6 in preparation for the 7th movie the next morning.

Saturday we all got up early to go see Harry Potter at 8:55am. I know is sounds crazy to go see a movie really early but the first showing of the day is 1/2 price which means I only paid $28 instead of $60. We would not have gone to the movie if we had to pay full price. It is just too expensive. The movie was AWESOME! No spoilers here but there was a scene that scared me so bad that I screamed out loud and Nate was laughing for 5 mins. Now I am reading the book again.

After the movie, we went to Target and got most of the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Nate is making a turkey for him and the kids and a ham for me. Then we will also have homemade mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, dressing, green beans and pumpkin pie for dessert.  Then home to take a nap, watch some football and rest all day.

Today we missed out first family Thanksgiving.... My mom's family got together at my granddad's house with my aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins. I can't talk about Thanksgiving too much as this will be the first time we have ever missed a family holiday. I don't want to start crying while trying to finish my blog.

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