Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day! & Black Friday!

Nate's 1st Turkey!
Nate and I started Thanksgiving Day with breakfast for the family.....cinnamon rolls and milk. We all finished eating and then got dressed for our family Christmas pictures. After pictures, at about 10:30, Nate and I started the thanksgiving feast preparation.  We called Nate's parents on skype and talked to them for about an hour while we cooked dinner...Nate's mom was cooking her dinner too. It was really nice for Nate and I to be able to laugh and talk with his parents for a long time. Nate made a turkey....and then together we made a ham, hash-brown casserole, dressing, mash potatoes, gravy, green beans, sauted mushrooms, rolls, deviled eggs, apple pie and pumpkin pie. When we were still cooking, we also called my mom on skype. We talked to her as we finished up the food and put it all on the table.
"Tasting the food"

The Feast!

We set the table and we overwhelmed with how much food we had made for 4 people. We blessed the food and then went around the table saying what we were thankful for. It was a sweet meal just the four of us. Later in the afternoon, we invited a neighbor over with her boys, while he husband was at work. Then we spend the evening watching movies and chillin'. I also uploaded our christmas card pictures and order them from shutterfly. I hope to have them in about a week and then send them out to family and friends.

I had lots of mixed emotions all day on Thursday. I really enjoyed tackling the meal with Nate and having a good time in the kitchen. I feel we all made the best of our Thanksgiving without being back in Alabama with family. Don't get me wrong, we all would have rather been able to visit the family instead but sometimes that is not possible. Nate and I both had a couple of teary-eyed moments through-out the day but we tried to stay busy and not think about family too much.

I always go Black Friday Early shopping with my mom. Not this year..... I did not go shopping at all. We just don't have the money to spend on Christmas this year so there was no reason to get up early and shop. I did go to Maggiano's for my first shift -out of training-. It was a good shift. The mall was packed but the restaurant was not that busy. There were not any parking places and most people were to busy shopping to have a nice sit down dinner. I still enjoyed the shift and am ready to go back tomorrow.

I taped the Iron Bowl Game and came home and watched the game. It was a sad loss but one that Bama gave away. So congrats to the Auburn team.....

Thankful Thanksgiving is over and on to Christmas!
Already unpacked the Christmas jewelry and music. Decorating the house next week!

Funny things my kids said this week......

Cori was putting up the groceries and asked why we bought was herbs for the turkey.

Cori....Can I have ketchup with the turkey?

Joel - What is the Thanksgiving parade and why are we watching it? ~ I had to explain to the kids what normal families watch before the football games start.

Joel - We made a great dinner.... - Me - What? You helped make the pie on Wednesday night and have played video games all day....what did you help with?   Joel - eating the food.

Some Pictures that did NOT make the Christmas Card!

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