Thursday, June 2, 2011

1st niece on the way!

My baby sister Dawn is going to be having a baby girl, Alice Everett is due in Mid-October! Since it has been way to many years since I had a baby in my house, I don't know all the "must haves" for little ones. Oh, I know the big ones....crib, highchair, walker, boppie, but not the everyday stuff to have. Please comment and tell me what she has to have and what she will want to have. Also if anyone is selling baby stuff or willing to let us borrow stuff for the new little girl, please message me.

Here is a picture of Dawn and her prego-ness at 5 months.....

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Michelle said...

swing - she'll want a swing (or a good bouncy seat). portable high chair for going to restaurants. Huggies wipes (we hated the rest) and we like luvs and huggies diapers (kind of dislike the rest). lightweight stroller (you can't get the big, fancy ones in your car). Good diaper bag. Avent bottles, Desitin original diaper cream.