Sunday, June 19, 2011

College Graduate! Yep That's Me!

I am an official college graduate. My last class was Monday and I just got my grades in today. I finished my last class with an A and have a GPA for the 2 years of 3.56. I am really happy with this accomplishment and these grades. I did all of this while raising 2 kids, working at least one job full time (somethimes 2 jobs), taking care of the house and motherly responsibilites, moving across the country and just being ME! (not to toot my own horn....LOL!

I am going out with a couple of friends and Nate on Tuesday night. We are having Mexican and I will be wearing my lai that my mother-in-law sent me in the mail. I want to thank everyone for the words of congrats and encouragement, as well as cards and money. I am using my money to fly home the last weekend in July. Less that 6 weeks away. So super excited. I will post pictures and update after Tuesday night.

Degree Progress
100% completed
Total Credits Required:120 
Completed Credits:66 
Transfer, Waived & Assessed Credits54 
Remaining Credits:0 

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