Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turbie Twist ~ As seen on TV

The Turbie Twist! 
Back in high school there was a commercial for Turbie Twist. This is a light-weight towel that you use instead of a regular towel to dry your hair after a shower. I fell in love and ordered one online. It was white and I have had it ever since. (at least 15 years). I have never replaced it because I could not find another one just like it. There were other brands but none of them dried your hair like this one did. Mine has the seam ripped out at the head and the elastic band that holds the towel on your head is almost gone. I have even bleached it to help keep it clean.
This is what mine looks like now
Last night I found a new one! They are the Turbie Twist brand and everything. I just had to get it. I found them at Bed, Bath and Beyond if anyone wants one for themselves. After coming home and seaqrching online. I have found that this product is making a comeback and they are selling them online and in other stores. I love this towel and so will you! 
My new one! And it is Pink!
Lightweight, super-absorbent and dries my hair in half the time 

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