Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting into Shape - week 1

Today starts my new workout, exercise and better eating week. Nate just started a new diet and workout routine and has politely pointed out all of my bad eating. He is right. I (and everyone who has met me) knows that I drink a lot of cokes and very little of everything else....So it is time for some changes.

Before I start my story, everyone reading this stop before telling me I don't need to lose weight and that I am not fat. I know I am not what society would call fat. However, not being able to fit into clothes that I have worn the past 5 years make me feel fat and not happy with myself. Thus the changes and my story.

2 years ago some of my family decided to walk a half-marathon together in honor of Nate's grandparents. In preparation for this 13.1 mile, 5 hour walk I started walking every day. For 6 months I trained for this marathon with fast walking and running. I started to see my body change, slim down and be more toned and fit. I loved this new me. At the
Marathon, I ran most if it and finished in 3 hours 3 mins.

2 months after the marathon we moved and the stress and new lifestyle started to hinder my workout. Over the last year I have just worked out periodically and not taken care of myself.

Time for change is Now!

For the next week, I am starting a new workout/healthy eating. Baby steps and small goals are what make changes possible. It's not about a diet but a change in lifestyle.

Here are my goals for the next week and I will let you know how I do.
1. Only 4 cokes a day (sounds like s lot but that is cutting way back)
2. Walk 30 mins each day
3. No sweets!
4. Only fruits for snack
5. Drink more juices, Gatorade, and maybe some water

My ultimate goal is to fit back into my shorts and swimsuit and lose 7 pounds.

So this post is more for me than you but if anyone wants to make 5 goals and change with a comment with your goals and we can do this together.

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