Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

Nate started his 1st week out of training last Monday. With that he started off with 2 days of overtime. He has also found a guy in his department who lives less than a mile from us. They have started carpooling a few days a week. Everyday they carpool, they each get $2 each from Blizzard which is just an added bonus. He is loving this new job more and more everyday!

On Wednesday night, I cooked Father's day dinner of Chicken and Rice, peanut butter cookies and snicker-doodles. We gave him his cards, and little Debbie snacks. All was right with the world.

I worked Thursday day, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday Day, so not much celebrating going on there. It was a VERY busy weekend at work with lots of Father's day and graduation celebrations. My feet will be hurting for the next few days!

While working last night (Sat) Nate showed Joel how to do some cooking. Joel made dinner for the 3 of them which was Mahi-Mahi, sauteed spinach and orzo pasta. Everyone ate all of it, including Cori!

After work today, we took Nate to Chili's for appetizers and then to see THOR at the dollar theater. It is not the same eating at our Chili's (with bad service and lazy servers) but the movie was AWESOME (a must see) and we laughed and enjoyed the evening.

Lots of fun this weekend and more fun this next week with parties and pool time. We have been stuck inside more of the week because it was only in the 60' But the warmer weather is on its way!

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