Monday, June 6, 2011

Blizzard and Scream!

Nate has finished his first week at Blizzard. He still loves it, like anyone thought he wouldn't.He has loaded all the games he was given on the first day. He installed Warcraft 3 on my laptop for Joel to start playing. This is a different kind of playing than the World of Warcraft and does not have a monthly fee to play. Joel is loving it and already past chapter 5.

Friday, Joel had a beach day field trip with school. They walked about a 1/2 mile to the harbor and played on a beach in the harbor. This was more like a lagoon with little waves instead of the big swells on the beach. He had a great time and brought a friend home to play.

Friday night we did movie night at home. We walked over to Walgreen's and bought popcorn and candies then to Little Ceaser's for pizza. Joel, Cori and I watched Scream (which Joel had not seen yet) then after Nate got home we put on Scream 2. Joel could not handle watching two scary movies in one night. He was really tired and was asleep by 8pm.

Joel has been having a harder time making friends his age and being able to have "play-dates" with them. He has 2 new friends who both were able to come play on Sat and Sunday. I was at work so Nate was in charge of the kids. He was a little overwhelmed with all the boy noise in the house Sunday afternoon. I felt bad for him since he is not usually home when the kids have a bunch of friends over.

Cori got to spend the night with a friend and go see X-Men 1st Class and loved it. We won't let her tell us about it since we want to go see it too.

Saturday night I got my vacation approved and last night I booked my first flight home to Bama for a vacation. I am going as part of my graduation from college. I will be there from July 28th - Aug 3rd. I am so super excited to go home, see family, hug my sweet nephews (all 4 of them) eat mexican, play Settlers, and have fun laughing and chillin for a week. The week long vacation means working extra from now until I leave but it will be worth the trip.

Countdown to being done with school ~ I have 1 more week with 1 paper, 1 team powerpoint, 1 DQ and I will be done.

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