Monday, June 6, 2011

Cori's Awards Program

Last week Cori got an invitation to her schools award program. If a student was not going to get an award, they did not get invited and could not come to the program. I rearranged my schedule and made it possible to be at this program. This afternoon Cori raided my closet and spent 30 min trying on clothes for the "right" outfit. We got to the program 20 mins early to get seats and then sat thru 2 hours of awards for 6th -8th graders. Each one getting to walk across the stage to receive a certificate or medal. The citizenship award was the most common award given out and the last ones of the evening. As they called the name for this award, which is the one Cori got, they asked the kids to just stand up in their seats instead of coming across stage. So we have 25 6th graders alone that sat thru 2 hours to just stand and get a round of applause. I was very upset but did not say anything to Cori. (She was sitting with the students as I was up in the bleachers with the parents). I actually got a lot of reading on my kindle done during those 2 hours.

As we were leaving Cori was giving me an earful about how upset all the kids (including herself) at the fact they sat thru the entire program just to stand up at the end.

I stopped and got her ice cream at McDonalds to help calm her down.

Cori is the 2nd to last row 4th from the left!

My skirt, shoes, white shirt and curling iron

The end of 6th grade!

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