Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to Blizzard!

10ft Statue in the courtyard
Nate just finished his first day at Blizzard Entertainment. He has been posting pictures all day on Facebook. He is resting on the couch telling me all about his day. He got a notepad and t-shirt that say Blizzard. They offer on-site seminars and encourage in-house promotions. They have a 24-hour fitness gym, games rooms, caffereria and World of Warcraft stuff everywhere. Nate was given a goodies bag with all the games that Blizzard makes. He also gets 5 free memberships and some other free upgrades each year (like armor). Nate will get a huge discount on any and all things Blizzard from now on. He is in training for two weeks. The first week is training on a tester level and the second week will be more detailed about his specific job. They have about 35 people in this training class. Nate is one of the few that will be performing a more technical and programming based testing job. He is loving his job already!

Wall murals everywhere

Customer Service Area

ALL the FREE games Nate got in his package! 

On a side note, The game from InXile that Nate worked on for 6 months, came out today! Check out Nate's first game as a tester! The interview with Brian Fargo is the owner of the company and who's house we went to for Christmas!

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