Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break ~ Part 2

Monday of spring break the family all went to the San Diego Zoo and then dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Cori got her first Hard Rock t-shirt at the Cafe. It is red and also in my size. We all had fun spending time together all day and then Nate and I took turns loving on Bryce!

Grandpa and Joel trying to solve the problems of the world....

Every time we all went to look at an animal, everyone would start making all types of noises to get the animals attention. 

Aunt Val and Bubbas

Everyone finally stayed on the hippo for the photo

Congo Line!

Some animals should not be in a "glass" cage all the time....

Uncle Nate and Bubbas (in his new outfit from us)

Everyone at Hard Rock....Food Good, service not so much!

Tuesday was girl shopping in the morning, while the boys stayed home and played a bunch of Black OPS. Then we all went to the street fair at the Huntington Beach Pier. We bought FRESH strawberries (my fav) and funnel cakes to share!
Only Group Photo all week !
On Wednesday, Mom, Dad and Bryce went to Palm Springs to visit Aunt Lynn and the rest of us went to America's oldest amusement park, Knott's Berry Farms. We rode a ton of roller coasters and rides. I got air sick on the swings and had to go find some medicine. We paid WAY to much money for lunch. And laughed and played together ALL day! After we got home from the park, the adults went out to enjoy an relaxing dinner and the kids were happy to control the TV for a hour or so!

Up Next ..... Part 3!

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