Friday, May 27, 2011

Cori's Open House

Wednesday night was the last of the trips to the schools for the year....I hope! We went to Cori's Open House at school. We got to meet her teacher (yes, I know....I did not meet her till the end of the year). I just never have a reason to go to Cori's school and meet the teacher. So Cori took us through her classes. Nate did not understand the schedule and the rotation of classes and kept giving Cori a hard time about all the teachers.
In her Homeroom

Showing us her work for the year

Her Spanish Self
Cori's self portrait 

Math art
She did not get a 100 on this paper

Fussing at Nate for embarrassing her

Showing Nate how the project works

In the locker-room 
Taking us to the gym and the girls locker room

Nate waiting outside

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