Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday @ the Barber's

Eating a Funnel Cake at the Street-Fair
Nate is cooking dinner and my job is to watch and keep him company in the kitchen. I am taking that time to write about this week at our house. We just got back from the street-fair in Huntington. When Nate's family was visiting last month, we found out that there is a street-fair every Tuesday night. They close down Main street and have vender's for a couple of blocks which includes a fresh market. We got some strawberry's, apples, salsa n chips, squash and sweet potatoes. We are going to make this a regular weekly trip to get fresh produce.
Nate cooking

Joel's Bamboo

Joel found a bamboo plant to buy with his money. He wanted a plant for his room, that he could take care of. He picked out this cute little guy for his room.

Nate enjoying the off-key singing
This morning we went to Joel's spring concert. As all things in southern Cali, we were outside for this concert. The 4th graders sang 4 songs and then we left before listening to the 5th grades. At least when you are at an outside concert on the blacktop, you can leave before the concert is over. All 4 songs were sung off key and out of sync but the kids looked to be having fun.

Joel is one of the kids in red....good luck finding him!
After the concert,
Joel was so happy we were there. 

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