Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week of Great News

This week is not over yet but we already have had an onslaught of good news.

On Monday morning, I woke up a voice mail from my sister Dawn. After talking to her, I found out the sex of her baby due in October!
She is having a GIRL! I will be getting my 1st niece, Alice Everett.
Great news for me, not so great for Cori who will be losing the title of ONLY GRANDDAUGHTER!

Monday was Nate's birthday. We spend the morning together grocery shopping and sharing Cosco hot dogs for lunch. We were getting ready for work in the evening when Nate got the most important call of the year! Blizzard Entertainment was calling to offer him a position. Nate has been through the phone interview and face-to-face interview a couple of weeks ago and has been waiting for this phone call. After updating facebook and calling family, we went to work. I surprised Nate with carrot-cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing. My friend Samantha made them in a pirate theme for Nate. We all sang and made a BIG deal out of his birthday!

On Tuesday morning, Nate received his official Blizzard packet via Fedex. He, of course, signed and sent everything in immediately. He starts work on May 31st. which is right at a year since we moved out here for him to follow his dreams. I have never been more proud of all the things Nate has accomplished. I can't wait to get some Blizzard swag.

On Tuesday afternoon, we took Joel to get a scooter he has been saving for and some new shoes. We spend the afternoon with Joel, which he really needed.

Wednesday night was Open House at Joel's school. We walked over and got to see a bunch of the projects he has worked on over the school year. Joel has learned how to make a powerpoint presentation, use Word and make graphs in Word. Since we changed up some of Joel's (and our) habits during the week, he is doing much better in school. Only 4 more weeks of school for the kids!

Today, Cori will go on her 2nd audition ever --- this is for a commercial airing in Japan. Hope it goes well.

New Jobs! New Hobbies and Experiences! Great Grades! It has been a very eventful and fun week at our house.

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