Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break ~ Part 3

Thursday was a Beach Day! The weather was really nice the entire week but never above 70 degrees. This meant that the beach was not very warm and the water still Very cold. We took the family out to the beach for a couple of hours. Joel swam in the 50 degree water with NO problems at all. He takes after my brother this way. The guys threw the football and the girls sat in the chairs and read.

Joel is the little dot out in the ocean

1st time at the beach

Loved the sand...digging a hole with Uncle Nate

More Sand!
After a quick change and dinner, which Nate's mom cooked ....  all week. Thanks Mom! We all went to the Aquarium in Long Beach! 
Everyone pilled in the van

Petting sharks 

Scuba diver cleaning behind me
Friday was our rest day! We sat out on our patio and brought out extra chairs and blankets and enjoyed the morning. We went to the pool in the afternoon, where Bryce loved to splash in the ho0t tub (pool was way to cold to play in). Matt and Jen wanted to experience YogurtLand, so off we went to get some frozen yogurt. Friday evening was dinner by Nate's Mom again, and board games for the adults. Mom just listen to us play games, while she cleaned my microwave (YEAH!) and gave Bryce a bath in the sink (YEAH from Jen). 

Saturday was the hardest day so far.....Everyone packed up and headed home. Nate and I knew it would be hard to say goodbye but we were not prepared for how hard it really was. When you have 5 extra people in your house all week, and then you are back to the normal 4 it gets really quiet and lonely. It was a blessing to not have to work on Saturday because I kept bursting into tears all day long. 

Don't get me wrong, we loved having everyone visit and it was a GREAT week of fun, laughs and memories but saying goodbye is hard! We also do not have any more trips planned or visitors coming so we are looking forward to summer and the kids finishing school.

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