Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cori's New Venture ~ Acting!

Our next door neighbor has been a child actor for over a year now and loves it. He has talked about it with Cori on a number of occasions. His mom and I have also talked about how good Cori would be at acting/modeling. Nate, Cori and I talked about this and it IS something she wants to pursue. We say why not? Nate and I are out in California trying to live out our dreams, let Cori have a shot at hers.

                    On Wednesday April 27th, my friend and I took Cori to get her professional head shots taken. Cori had a great time getting her picture taken and the photo's are beautiful. She got to change into 4 different outfits. The place where the photographer lives and shoots is in the mountains and he has a beautiful cottage on the cliffs. We got to take the pictures home on a cd and I went through them that night. The photographer color corrected the photos and got them back to me by Sunday. I uploaded them to the actors websites on Sunday night. I submitted Cori for a few auditions on Monday and on Tuesday she got an audition notice.

Let me back up and tell you how this works. We do not have a manager or agent so I just self-submit Cori on projects that she fits the bill on. I get an email when something comes in that she is the right age for. Then if the casting company likes you, you get an email for the audition. You go to the audition and so on.

Cori went on her Audition on Thursday May 5th (one week after taking her head shots). She did a great job at the audition and on Friday morning we got a call she was "on hold". This means they have narrowed down the actors and she is on the short list. They also check to make sure she is open for the shoot dates. I am learning already that things move very fast in this industry. On Wednesday May 11th, we got the call that Cori was chosen for the part. It is a non speaking part but a part none the less. All of this took place in less than a month.

We went today for the shoot. Cori was great and had a lot of fun. I can't give out info on the project at this time but once I have something to say, I will share it with you. Cori did get to shoot on a green screen and meet some other child actors on set. She also got to have her hair and makeup done.

Here is a couple of pictures before and after the shoot....that I can show you.

In the car before we left for the shoot

Cori chill'in on the way home
The top two photos are from Cori's Photo shoot. The photographer was Kevin McIntyre Photography. He did a great job and was a joy to work with. Check out his website at

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