Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1 Year! We made it a Year!

May 2010 (a week before we left)

Memorial Day Weekend 2010
We packed and moved 2,000 miles to 

April 2011 (a month ago)

Memorial Day Weekend 2011
We made it a year......

Wow! it is a lot to take in when you think about all that has happened in the last year. I am amazed, grateful, and in awe of the way God has blessed our family over this last year. It is a very humbling experience to know that your only safety net is the Hand of God. He has blessed us in so many ways from paying the bills, providing jobs, electricity, great friends and the strength to endure.

I went for a walk today all the way to the beach. I am not is as good of shape as I would like to think. As I was standing on the beach I was so thankful of all that has happened to us this year. As I walked back home, Amazing Grace came on the ipod.......enough said.

Today, Nate starts his first day at Blizzard Entertainment. This company is a dream job for him and I can't wait to hear all about it tonight.

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