Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting back in the Grove

A week after spring break and the entire family is trying to get back in the swing of things. The kids are prepping for the standardized tests...Joel this week and Cori next week. I have been catching up on my reading. The weather has been great and summer is starting to form. We have been at the pool for the last 3 days and will be back out there this week. I took the kids and some friends to see the movie Rango....not a good movie by the way. I actually read on my kindle thru most of the movie. The boys sat in the row in front of me and the girls sat in the very back of the theater. It is not cool to sit with mom anymore.

Cori has had a boyfriend for a month and a half now, Nick. For their 1 month anniversary....he gave her $10.

Cori has been off center this week. She was sad about family leaving and making a bad grade on a test. She bounced back and is ready for the weeks to come. Since we were going to the pool for a few hours, I asked her if she wanted to invite her boyfriend Nick to swim with us. She was so embarrassed that I would even ask her this. She said why would I want to do that, I see him all the time at school. Apparently they are not as "in love" as I thought if they do not want to see each other out of school. This is all fine with me, actually made me fill happy inside!!!!!!

After Last Wednesday's Tornado's that went through Alabama, I am thankful that all of my family and friends are okay. A few with little amounts of damage but nothing too bad. I was surprised how many people stopped me to ask about my family in Alabama. It was really quite moving actually. I even had a few guest at the restaurant who are regulars stop me on Thursday to ask about my family and let me know they were praying for us when they saw the news. It is amazing to watch God work through our lives across the country.

Today my car is getting new "much needed" brakes and oil change. The car repair shops just try to sell you everything under the sun to fix on your car. I hate taking my car in for minor things because I feel like the shop is going to rip me off on something else.

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