Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Month

So we have made it thru the first month living in CA. We have been thru no power, no keys, no food, no jobs, no tv, no phone, playing at the pool, at the beach, at the park, lots of sunscreen, 2 earthquakes (that we did not feel but some other people we know did), tears, laughter, many phone calls to parents back in Alabama, resumes, lots of applications, even more resumes being sent out, not enought interviews, unpacking the boxes, teaching the dogs not to bark at everyone, learning how to clean up after the dogs, a new church, navigating traffic, and the biggest thing.....praying more and more every day, trusting God to handle all our problems and trusting Him to take care of us every step of the way.

God has blessed us with power, keys, food, Nate a job, tv, phone, time to play at the pool, beach and park with the kids, neighbors who are quickly becoming friends, wonderful parents who call and check on us as well as pray for us, letters from home from friends and family, and peace about all the tings that are to come our way.

We are glad we moved, we know this is the best, next step for our family but it has not been an easy move for anyone. This month has been an adjustment from all things we knew in Alabama.

I just want to thank all our family and friends that have supported us in this move, whether thru prayers, phone calls, cards, letters, emails, facebook messages, text messages, money, tears, hugs, smiles, and love. We love and miss you all. We have plenty of room for anyone who wants to visit. We have an open floor space in the living room (where a couch should go).

Please continue to pray for us as I look for a job, Nate starts his job on Friday and we continue to adjust to living out here.

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