Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Job!

On Tuesday I went for an interview, and on Wednesday an all day second interview. I got the job and started on Thursday. I have been in training the last 3 days and get to go solo on Monday. I am working for a marketing firm in Anaheim. They sell discount packages from sport tickets to spa packages, to movie tickets and pizza. We sell door to door to the business’ in the area. I am starting in sales because the company requires all its marketing people to start in sales and work their way up to marketing so they know the business and how it is sold. This is very hard work. My feet are killing me but I am really wanting this job and wanting the marketing job so I am working hard at the selling to move up quickly. This company does the marketing for the Dodgers, Angels, Ducks, Kicks, Blockbuster, a couple of theaters and some spas in Palm Springs and they just got the account for a big casino in Vegas. Nate has some more leads but he is still looking for a job. We are praying he finds something this week.

We have unpacked almost every room in the house. My bedroom, bathroom, hall, kitchen and kids rooms are all unpacked. I will eventually get the living room unpacked. I have to wait till the landlord finishes cleaning out our garage so we can put some boxes in storage. It is starting to feel like home.

The kids are making friends fast. Last night a neighbor took the kids (along with his daughter) to the nickle arcade a couple of blocks away. They had a great time and I was happy to know they are making friends.

I have started hanging some pictures in the house. I wish I had the money to print the pictures that we took of our families at the 2 weekend goodbye parties. I have great pictures of most the family and want to put up a bunch of recent pictures. I had a TON of pictures up in the trailer but I am not doing that in the house. I am putting more recent pictures up and not so many ot the ones from years ago. I want to keep updating our pictures. I enjoy my pictures even more since I do not get to see everyone on a daily/monthy basis.

Cori got her own email so if you want to email her it is I know she would love to hear from everyone. We sent out some family cards and letters this week so I hope you get them.


The Dillard Family said...

Hey! I just sent Cori and email, so hopefully she will get it soon. I am so glad the kids are making friends. Your job sound like it is going well! We miss you all! Matt and I (and Bryce) will hopefully be able to visit sometime. We would really like to go to Aunt Lynn's house in Palm Springs sometime.

Valarie Barber said...

We would love to have you out for a visit. We are less than 2hrs from Palm Springs. If my job goes well then I will be able to take time to go to Palm Springs too. I will try to call you sometime this next weekend. The 3 hrs in time difference is hard to not call really late.