Monday, June 28, 2010

New Church

Yesterday we went to church for the first time in CA. We found a christian church in Huntington Beach about 10 min from our house. The church was nice and the time/service we went was suppose to be a mix of contemporary and traditional. When we walked in there were a bunch of people all about 70-80 years old in Hawaiian shirts. When the music started we had a wonderful light show....where we expected KISS to join the group on stage. It was just a lot different from our church in B'ham....Brook Hills.

I never thought I would be so upset to miss our church. I started crying when the first song started and could not stop crying. I had to go get a tissue and tears just kept coming all the way thru the service and on the way home. I feel bad for Nate and all my tears. I am happy to be taking this next step in our lives and feel God is leading and blessing us along the way. I just keep having these weird moments of tears that I can't control. This is so NOT me!

The service went well and the pastor gave a good message from the book of James. He talked about faith verses works. He spoke on how we as christians must not just talk about our faith but also put it into action. We can't just pray for the people in need but reach out a hand to them as well. It was a good message, even thru the tears.

Next Sunday is the 4th and most of the churches in the area are cancelling services because of the huge parade that goes all the way thru Huntington Beach. We are going to try to take the kids to the parade which is a very big deal here in HB. The next week we are going to try a church Nate's dad recommended in Costa Mesa.

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