Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2nd Day of Travel ~ Friday May 28th

We got up early on Friday morning and headed west again. We went through Yukon, OK where Nate use to live. Then on to Tx, New Mexico.....which never seems to end, and then we stopped in Az for the night. The drive was 15 hours and we changed time zones twice. This was the hardest day of the trip so far.

Cori was getting so bored that she would call out the mile markers every 2 or 3 which was a lot since we were traveling so many miles.

Nate found out the night before that the truck he was driving did not have a/c so the entire trip in the truck Nate was hot.

The mountains in Az were beautiful and we were so glad to see our hotel. The Comfort Inn was the nicest I have ever stayed in. It was a wooded theme and rustic but with extra nice ammenities.

Day 2 completed and only 8 more hours to drive.

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