Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Week In Sunny Huntington Beach!

Well we have survived out first week in our new city.

On last Saturday night, we did not have power when we moved in. We called the power company and they were will ing to turn our power on without a deposit up front. We were very thankful.....then they said they would send someone out to turn on the power Wednesday.......5 days later. We were not very happy about this but we were glad to be in the condo.

We were warmly greeted by 2 new couples (with kids) in the complex. One girl Melissa, noticed our power was out on Sat night and offered to call the manager of the complex. The manager could not help but it was nice of Melissa to try to help. She offered us warm showers the next morning.

On Sunday morning, we had warm showers but did not know why but were very thankful non the less. About lunch time, Melissa's husband Christian asked us to turn off the breakers in our condo. Nate did and then Christian turned our power on at the meter. We were SO thankful and appreciative. We were able to meet the agent, Carla and get a gate key just after lunch. Thanksfully we can come and go in the complex now.

In the afternoon, our kids wanted to swim in the pool so badly. A guy named Mike, who use to be a lifeguard volunteered to watch the kids while Nate and I finished unloading the last of the truck. It was a help to us as well as entertaining to the kids. Later that evening, this couple (with 3 kids, 4, 6, 8) invited us to dinner. It was great since we had not bought food for our fridge yet...(since we thought it would be days before power). Later on in the afternoon, Co
Since the condo is a rental and the landlord bought it on a short-sale, there was still funiture in the condo. At least 3 pieces in each room. We were offered the furniture which we accepted 2-3 of the many pieces. It is hard to unpack and move stuff around with extra, unwanted furniture.

On Monday, we found our garage, which was also loaded with furniture. We decided to move all the unwanted furniture into the garage so the landlord can get it ALL out this next week. He has made 2 trips and still does not have it all out yet.

We spent the rest of Monday at the pool. There was a complex party and people BBQ'd and ordered pizza. It was a lot of fun to relax and meet so many neighbors.

Tuesday thru Friday were pretty much the same....Applying in person and online to different jobs. Nate and I have both had a couple of interviews and a few leads that we are working. We just want it to work faster but God works on his time not ours. This is the big lesson of the week. TRUST GOD! He is in controll not us. Everytime I start to worry or get frustrated I stop and pray for peace. God is answering our prayers in his own and way in his own time. We are suprised daily how God is working in our lives and we have only been out here for a week.

My big answer to prayer this week ~ I have been worried about our lack of jobs and making sure we do not spend our entire surplus......I was on the phone with my mom today and I had just told her the $ amount that we needed to make at our jobs to get us thru the month. Still on the phone, I went to the mailbox and the only envelope was a check from Nate's school (part of his financial aid for living expences). This amount is almost the exact amount I had told my mom we needed for the month. GOD is GOOD All the time!

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Shelba said...

A wonderful testimony to God's love and provision. Thanks for sharing.