Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd and Final day of travel ~ Sat May 29th

We had a lot of different problems leading up to securing the condo. Our agent kept delaying our answers and never returned our phone calls. We told our agent 4-5 times we would be coming into town on Sat afternoon and would this be okay to move in? We wanted to make sure someone could meet us with the key. She said yes, no problem at all.

On Friday, I emailed her 2-3 times to make sure we could meet at 3pm at the condo. On Sat morning she said her office was relocating and she was not sure if she could get the keys. So we kept driving but alsodoing some massive praying to be able to get the keys.

After calling our agent, the owner, and his agent and leaving messages, we took the kids to the park a couple of blocks from the condo to wait for an answer.

After 2 hours of waiting the owners agent called me back and told me the combo to get the key out of the lockbox. The agent, Carla, never knew when we were coming. Our agent just stopped doing anything for us after we signed the lease agreement.

The problem with having only the condo key was that you also needed a gate key which we did not have. We had to wait till another car was pulling in and hurry in afterthem. We also could not leave the condo complex because we did not kow if we could get back inside the complex.
The Lord answered the prayers for getting inside the condo and for that we were grateful. When we tried to get the truck into the complex, I would drive the car to the exit gate and it would open so Nate could drive the truck in. Then we unloaded a bunch of stuff and parked the truck back outside.

We did not have power when we got to the condo on Sat night. The power company said we would not be able to get power till Wednesday. So we prayed for power but were thankful to be in our condo for the first night.

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