Saturday, June 19, 2010


I love Skype. I set up skype this week and it is awesome. I was skeptic at first as to if I would use it. I thought why skype when I can call you on my cell. Well the kids loved being able to talk to my parents and Nate's parents the first night. My mom upped her internet speed so that we dont lag on the video. Twice this week I have set my laptop on the counter and talked to my mom while cooking dinner. It was nice for me to talk while cooking and not worry about my cell phone, as well as my mom got to listen to my family interact while I was making dinner. It was fun for all. We can't wait for Nate's parents to get their camera set up so we can see them too.

If you are on skype and want to name is ValBarber32 and I would love to hear from you.

Cori was really excited today. She got a letter from a friend at school in the mail. I know with technology and email, cell phones and skype that written letters and cards are a dying art but for family and friends that live far away.....It is nice to receive letters/cards in the mail and not just bills.

2 comments: said...

I'll remember that. Actually, I do remember that I loved getting letters from my grandmother Shelton when she moved to south Alabama when I was about Cori's age. I bought cards for the kids soon after you left, and still carrying them around with me.

Valarie Barber said...

Thanks. My kids would love to get letters/cards in the mail.