Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Heat Wave

The temperature on the coast stays pretty much the same. The highs hit 75-80 in July and August and the lows in the 60's for the January and February months. This is just the temps on the coast. The more inland you go the hotter it gets. Last night I left HB with the temp at 82 and when I got to work about 15miles away the temp was 99. Then I walked into the restaurant and the temp didn't change. The a/c in the entire place was out. We had guests leaving as soon as they walked in the door. The cooks in the kitchen had it even worse then the servers. As the sun went down the place got a little cooler and business picked up. The bartender calls me "Alabama" and told me he wanted to make me feel at home in the heat. I hope they have the air fixed by the time I go in tonight.

On Friday afternoon, I was getting gas on my way home. While leaving the gas station, a man in a wheelchair came up to my car and told me that I had ran over his wheelchair ramp. I pulled back to where the man's van was. I never felt the ramp and there was no apparent damage but he asked for my insurance info so I called the police to the scene. Nate came over for moral support. The man kept yelling at me that I was being irresponsible and was leaving the scene of an accident. The cop shows up and I tell him what happens and that the man thinks I ran over his ramp. (while waiting on the cop the man open and closes the ramp and door 3-4 times and then gets in the van - everything works fine). The cop said he did not see any damage and that he could not file a report with no damage. The man said he just wanted my insurance info and did not want to call the cops. The man started yelling and getting very upset and the cop basically told him there was not damage so no report. The man wanted me to be responsible and not leave the scene, which the cop said I did. Anyway the man finally gets ready to leave and tells the cop never mind on getting my insurance info, he was just ready to go. While the man was closing his door he kept yelling I was a liar and irresponsible. The cop turned to me and Nate and said we did the right thing and to prove it, it was all on audio tape. I am so glad we called the police to file a report instead of just swapping info. I know I did not hit his ramp and the cop knew it too.

That was the only 2 drama episodes for the week! Thank goodness. The rest of the week was spend working, kids school and watching all the new season openers of my shows. Nate is so sweet to give up the TV most of the time.

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