Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cori's Orientation and Beach Trip

Cori is really excited about starting middle school. She went to a 2 hour orientation on Thursday morning. Cori does not get nervous and is already ready to jump in and have fun. She looked like a very scared little girl as she left me to go to orientation. I told my mom this will either end in tears or smiles and excitement for the new school. When we picked Cori up 2 hours later, she was all smiles. She immediately told us which room was the detention room. This from a child who has never had detention.

After school orientation we had lunch and then loaded up the car with wave-boards, chairs, towels, cooler and ourselves and headed to the beach. This was our first chance to so Mom the Pacific ocean. We spent about 2 hours at the beach with Mom and I reading our books and the kids playing in the sand. The kids played in the water about 20 mins then spent the rest of the time, sand playing, throwing, stomping, and screaming.......

The next stop was the pool with Mom and the kids. 

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