Monday, September 13, 2010

Football Season has Arrived in HD!

College football just finished the second weekend and Alabama is looking good with 2 wins already. I was able to record the game Saturday night while I was at work. I now live in a state where people do not live, talk and breathe SEC football. This is a BIG adjustment. Because no one lives football, I was able to work a 6 hour shift with no guests talking about or asking me about the game. I got home at 10:30pm PST and watched the entire game! The good news is I am off this Saturday to watch Alabama vs Duke, Florida vs Tenn etc.....all day long! A special thanks to Nate for putting the Alabama fight song on my iphone as my ringtone. So anytime people call know that Alabama is cheering!

On to Sunday's Pro football games, no so good for the Dallas Cowboys. Lesson 101, PENALTIES! Once the Cowboys learn this one we will have much better games. Tonight is more football but I will be working and not able to watch the 1st Monday Night Game but will be home in time for the Chargers game. When I said something about turning on the football game last night, Cori asked "again, didn't you just watch football on Thursday and Saturday now Sunday too" I just laughed and said YES! from now to January. 

The kids have finished their first week of school. Cori was happy to leave this morning, Joel not so much. I think he was just tired. Both of them have made a couple of friends and found a lunch buddy. The days around the complex have gotten quieter with all the kids in school all week and going to bed early for school. The pool on Sunday was hopping with all the kids getting their swimming in for the week. The weather is cooling here, this week highs 70-75 and lows 60's. Last Thursday with Nate and I both off work and the kids in school, we went for a bike ride. We went to the park and 4 miles away, and we passed 3 parks to get to this big one. We also went and got library cards! This was especially fun for me.

We are more than 3 months into this new home, new city, new jobs, new everything! Nate told me on Thursday he is finally feeling settled. This is so true. We have the kids in school and we both have jobs and it is starting to feel like home. Nate thanked me for making this move to CA. It was a joint decision for our family and one I am happy with but Nate knew he was asking a lot to leave our family and friends. Nate did not need to thank me but it made me misty-eyed when he did. God is blessing us in so many ways. I know a lot of people are praying for us. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming.

One more thing, Nate finished his 2-year Associates Degree last night. Sunday was the last class and he passed with flying colors. I am so proud of all the hard work he has put into getting his degree. He is working full time, spending time with the family, going to 2 different schools online and still finding time for his video/computer games. He will start his last 2 years of his Bachelor's Degree in 2 weeks. I am so proud and happy for him. 

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