Friday, September 17, 2010

Pajama Party!

Living in an Apartment/Condo Complex is like living in a Pajama Party! 

Having only lived in a Condo for 3 months, I am still adjusting to the party time. I am now living in very close proximity to everyone. If you are afraid for people to see you in your pj's, no make-up, or sporting your weekly mud mask, then don't go outside, on the patio, check the mail, or open the blinds. The one time you think it is okay to go get the mail in your pj's at 9pm at night, is when you run into your neighbor and you both talk for 30 min to catch up on the weekly activities. 

There is always someone to talk to you as you walk to your car, get the mail, walk the dog. The people in our complex are all very friendly and my kids know almost all of them. Cori has a radar for one of our neighbors and can always tell when he is at the pool, or coming back from the beach. My kids are recycling to earn money and Joel goes around to the different people who walk their dogs to ask them to help him. Almost every day there is a bag of cans or bottles by my door for the kids. 

There is also not a curfew for visiting the neighbors. I have had people knock on the door at 9pm to say hi, or return a movie or child. On the flip side, I have returned a book at 10pm in order to get another one to read that night. I have also headed out to the hot tub by the pool at 10pm while my kids were watching tv and hanging out inside. 

~ Weird Moments with the Neighbor's ~

One of our neighbors, Mike, was leaving our house one night and rounded the corner to see one of the neighbor's kids looking into Cori's window, while the Mom was watching her look in the window. It was not until the mom saw Mike that she started telling her kid to get out of the window. 

Last week at the pool, there were about 10 kids playing in the pool, most of the kids are friends and play often together. There were a couple of new kids in the pool. My kids said hello and then proceeded to play with everyone in the pool. One little girl, about 8, started to complain that the kids were playing in the pool but not with her. We did not know the kid or mom....which meant they had not been at the pool all summer....where my kids lived this summer. Cori and her friend, Taylor are diving and jumping in the deep end of the pool not being mean to anyone. Anyway, the woman got mad and went to Cori and her friend and told them they had to make friends and play with her daughter right now. I just stared at the lady as she talked to Cori. My mouth is hanging open in shock that some stranger would come fuss at my kid for not playing with her kid. Woman get a life.....Cori came over a couple minutes later to talk to me about it. I told Cori to just be nice and go back to diving and if the girl wants to dive with her, let her. I am very outspoken but I would NEVER tell some strangers kid to play with my kid because she was in the pool with them. 

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