Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock Climbing and More

The last big day with my mom visiting, we took her and the kids to a place called Boomers. It has putt-putt golf, rock climbing, laser tag, go-karts, and video games. We spend more than 8 hours at this park. We rode and played everything. Mom won at putt-putt the first time and we did not keep score on the last round that we played at night. Joel did get the best score on the 18th hole. Nate took time to show both kids how to line up and concentrate on their putting. We rode go-carts over and over and over. Joel and Cori had to drive the little go-carts and Joel was the fearless driver that would not let the other drivers win. He knocked a couple of people into the wall. I really wanted to ride the bumper boats till I saw how wet everyone was when they came off the ride. We all played a round of laser tag and ganged up on Nate. That was fun to shoot the video game sniper.

Joel driving the go-cart
My favorite part of the day was the rock climbing wall. Nate and I tried it first, and a kid on the other side kept stealing my hand holds. Then Joel and Cori took their turn. Joel made it to the top, with lots of encouraging from us. Cori made it almost up to the top and did a great job.
Joel making it to the top

Lastly my mom took her turn.....She made it 4 feet off the ground and that was with 3 tries. I have never laughed so hard. Mom was a good sport and was laughing as much as Nate and I.
Mom's Attempt
Nate and his delicious food

I was really proud of her trying the rock wall and other rides and adventures over the course of her stay with us. Thanks Mom for all the fun times and great memories. Can't wait till your next visit.
Last night before Mom leaves

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