Thursday, September 2, 2010

San Diego Zoo

Family photo @ the Zoo

We all drove down to San Diego and went to the zoo. This is one of the largest zoo's in the US and one of the best. I have only been to 2 other zoos Birmingham and Oklahoma. Both were okay zoo's but not impressive. The San Diego Zoo was impressive!

We went through the Monkey exhibit first, it has a rain forest feel to it. Then on to the Panda Bears which were a big excitement. Two of them just slept and the third ate on his bamboo.
Panda Eating Bamboo
Cori's Panda impersonation

My Favorite!
After lunch we went to the Elephant Odyssey section. This had a ton of Elephants and other animals I can't remember (or pronounce). 

Then we went to the Polar bear exhibit. This was very cool and cold too. The bears were eating on carrots. There was a seal playground that both the kids played in. They could stick their heads up through the holes and act like seals. 

Then we went to the Sea Lion show. They had some birds and sea lions. The show asked for a couple of volunteers, which brought up 2 little girls. The sea lion waves (and splashed) the girls with water and the smaller girl started crying. The other girl was more brave, she fed the sea lion, hugged the sea lion and let the sea lion give her a kiss on the cheek.

The whole day was fun with animals, cokes, smiling for pictures, laughing, hurting feet, sweating (80 degrees), and me asking what kind of animal is this? Joel did a great job of reading and telling us all about the animals in each exhibit. We will defiantly be back to visit the zoo again. Here are some more pictures of the trip. 

Polar Bear
Cori's Seal Pose

Mom and the Kids
Joel really looks like a seal
The map of the zoo, the one Nate only let me hold once, while he navigated us through the park.
Cori and Nate on the Hippo
This is my favorite animal at the zoo. I love Koala Bears
Our other family photo, under the butt of the elephant statue

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