Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School

I sent Cori off to Middle School yesterday. It is hard to believe I have a daughter in 6th grade. Cori was in bed early on Tuesday night but did not sleep well for being nervous. Nate and I got up and walked her to the bus stop. There were about 20 other kids that got on the bus with her. Nate and I walked home and then woke Joel up to get him ready for school. Cori asked me to meet her at the bus stop yesterday afternoon. Joel, Bella and I met her at the park, where her bus stop is. She was running off the bus because she had an AWESOME day! She sat down on the grass and started telling me all about school. She made a friend and they sat together in lunch and math class. There is an 8th grader, Chloe in our complex and Cori saw her at lunch. Chloe came and gave Cori a big hug and started asking about her teachers and her morning. This meant a lot to Cori since she is a 6th grader. Cori also did not have homework but reorganized her folders and binder 3 times yesterday afternoon as well as do two extra credit assignments.

Joel went off to the 4th grade yesterday. Nate and I both walked him to his class yesterday. Joel's class lines up outside the classroom everyday before school. The only thing in the buildings is the classrooms and bathrooms. The hallways, lunchroom and backpack area is outside. This is why the school is fenced and locked during school hours. Joel has his first male teacher this year. He made a couple of friends and enjoyed walking home from school by himself.

I am glad both of my kids had a great first day of school. Now to get them through the rest of the year.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad. I felt like they would have a good day. I know a lot of prayers went up for them.
Love to you all, MawMaw

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey! I did it! That reminds me that the last time Lucas was down here, he said "You did it," to me about something I did. So cute!