Thursday, September 2, 2010

Santa Monica Pier

Saturday with my mom was a relaxing day. Both Nate and I had to work so Mom had the kids all day. I played Settlers with Mom and Cori in the morning before leaving for work. Mom took the kids to the park and pool during the afternoon.

Sunday, Nate had to work and Mom and I took the time to watch a bunch of tv shows. Mom and I both like a lot of the same shows and since she was in town I had not had a chance to catch up on my DVR shows. We watched Covert Affairs, Rizzoli and Isles, Matlock, and a couple of other shows. It was a relaxing day and of course, there were more games of Settlers. At this point we just left the game on the kitchen table so we would not have to keep setting it up everyday.

Monday, Nate and I both worked the lunch shift then we took the family to Santa Monica Pier. This was a first for Mom and the kids. We had a great time. We all brought our jackets and our game faces. There is a ferris wheel (which no one rode), a small roller coaster, ( I lost how many times the kids rode this), a spinning thing, and a rocking dragon. We got the kids a pass so they could ride all the rides as long as they wanted. Mom and I took the time to go walk up and down the pier and look in shops and press some pennies.  It got cold enough for me to go get a large cup of hot tea and sit and watch the kids run around and ride the rides. We stayed and watched the sunset on the ocean while the kids played. Here are some pictures from the day.
The Beach @ Santa Monica
Roller Coaster, Kids rode by themselves and Cori has her hands up the whole time

Spinning ride the kids are on.

Mom at the Pier

Me and the Zoltar machine (like the one from the movie BIG)

Rocking Dragon the kids and Nate rode. This ride goes almost vertical

The kids after they got off the Dragon, we do not know the kid in the back. He just jumped into the picture as Nate was taking it. He wound up going around with the kids riding all the rides together.

End of Route 66

The Sunset

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