Friday, October 1, 2010

Life Comes At You Fast!

As the week was going by, I was thinking I did not have much to tell about but as I sit here and think back over the week, funny stories keep popping up. 

Cori lost a tooth early in the week and came to me and asked for money. She said she did not believe in the tooth fairy but still wanted the money. I passed this one off to Nate. Then Cori took the tooth to Nate and asked to trade it for money. Nate gave her $2. She was so excited. 

On Tuesday, Cori came running home from school with her 1st official boyfriend. She was so excited and talking a mile a minute. I was so happy for her. Then on Thursday after school she came home to tell us that she broke up with him. The boy was using her and only asked her to be his boyfriend because his friends all have girlfriends. Cori took it like a trooper and was glad to "dump" him. 

Joel is learning more and more about playing older age video games. Nate and Joel have started playing the Halo games together. They have beaten the first halo and started on Tuesday with Halo 2. Joel is getting much better than he use to be at these games for older people. 

Last night everyone was home for dinner. Nate and I made mexican, which was homemade guacamole, homemade salsa (hot for me and mild for the boys), and chicken fajitas. We had the music going in the kitchen while Nate and I cooked and Joel sat a the high-top counter testing the food. Then we ate dinner at the high-top counter and had fun chatting and laughing. 

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