Monday, October 4, 2010

Boyfriend Talks

Every girl remembers the talks from their dad about boys and boyfriends. My dad always asked the same question "Is he a Christian" and "where does he go to church?". At 12 I did not care, neither was it the first question I asked a boy who thought I was cute. I would tell my dad that I had a boyfriend and we are "going together". He would always ask "going where"....It was a frustrating round of questions and answers of me having to explain the concept of boyfriend/girlfriend and "going out" when you could not "date" yet. I heard Nate and Cori having the same kind of conversation today. I caught most of it on video. The video is not the best because I did not want them to know I was recording them. It is still a funny video and a true passage for a girl to get this conversation from her dad. It will not be the last of these conversations.

Thankfully I listened to my dad and started asking those 2 important questions. By asking those questions, I weeded out some possible bad boyfriends and found a few good ones. My dad became my "go to" guy for dating and keeping the bad boyfriends away. Anytime I did not want to date a guy, I blamed it on my dad and his rules, which dad had no problem backing me up with. It meant I spend a few more Friday nights at home or with girlfriends but it kept me safe. I know Cori will be able to depend on Nate for her boyfriend backup too.


Beth said...

Cute video, and I love what you wrote about your dad-and about Cori and Nate! May God bless you with extra wisdom as you enter these scary/crazy/fun times! :)

Valarie Barber said...

Thanks Beth. I know we will need all the prayers and wisdom we can get. I will be re-living my life through her. It is a little scary.