Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Baby and New Job!

~ Nate's New Job ~ 
Monday afternoon Nate was offered a job as a QA Tester for inXile Entertainment. This is a great opportunity for Nate and the job we moved out here for. Nate will start work tomorrow morning. He is going to try to work both the gaming job and the restaurant job for a little while. We will have to see how the whole 2 jobs things works out. We are just taking the nest step in God's plan. He is taking care of us and we are trying to follow His will for our family. 
Nate has applied at a bunch of different gaming companies in the last 3 months but not had any success with interviews. I had the worst sales job ever, and worst job of my life the first couple of weeks we lived out here. I only worked at the job for 3 weeks but my manager's best friend worked at inXile Entertainment and asked for Nate's resume and then the company called Nate in for an interview. Nate interviewed with this company the end of July and was just now offered the job. So through my worst job Nate will get his best job. Amazing how God works everything out for His good in His time. 

Newest Nephew Bryce
 ~ New Nephew ~ 
Last night, Nate's sister Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Bryce Matthew Dillard was born around 8:30pm weighting 8 lbs 12 oz and 21.5 in. He has a really cute birth-date, 10-12-10. Nate and I were able to keep in contact with Nate's Mom through the whole day. We kept getting the status updates as things changed. Jen had to have a c-section after being in labor all day. So while Jen went to have the baby, the family went to dinner. While eating at the restaurant down the street, Matt text a baby picture to the grandparents and to let everyone know Jen and the baby were fine. There was some drama with the cell phones as everyone was trying to send the picture out to family members in other states. It is hard to be away from family on a regular basis but even harder to miss the BIG events like this one. We are so super excited for Matt and Jen and SO excited to once again be Uncle Nate and Aunt Val. I have already decided his nickname from Aunt Val will be the little iceman. I don't know where I get the nicknames for my nephews but they just seem to fit. 
(All pictures courtesy of Aunt Betty Palmer, the best aunt who is always around with a camera, love and a helping hand)
Grandma with Bryce (grandchild #3) 

The family after Matt told them that Bryce was here!

Proud Grandparents

Proud Grandparents with Bryce

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