Thursday, December 30, 2010

After Christmas Shopping!

Today I went into work and after 15 min, was sent home because there were too many servers. Since I have been working 6 days a week (40 hrs) I was glad to go home. I took the kids shopping to spend their gift cards, Christmas money and savings (they have not been able to buy anything in the last couple of months). We started at Michael's to buy erasers that look like food and colored duck tape for Cori to make wallets out of.
Joel's toilet erasers

Cori's Chinese Food
Next, we went to Kohl's where Cori had a 3 gift cards from the family. Joel followed us around while we shopped. He just played on his DS. Cori got 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, and a vest.....with my coupon she only spend $5 of her money. Most of her clothes came from the junior's department. 
New Shirt and Jeans from Kohl's (new shoes from Payless)

Shirt has Peace symbol in rhinestones

New Shirt and Jeans 

Blue shirt was Christmas gift and the gray vest is from Kohl's today. ( I may be borrowing this vest)
Next stop was Best Buy for Joel to get a new DS game with his gift card from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt and Bryce. He was playing it before I got out of the parking lot. 
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Then we went to the mall where Cori got two pairs of shoes. We also learned that Joel wears a bigger size in shoes then Cori. 

Our last stop was Target, where Joel spent the last of his money on some Lego Hero Factory sets. 

Finally home to relax and watch a movie. The kids are now playing quietly in their rooms with their new toys. I want to thank all the family and friends who sent money and gift cards to help my kids have a WONDERFUL Christmas! We love you all. Thank you's from the kids coming soon. 

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