Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend of Christmas Parties and Boat Rides!

Nate and I had a great time Friday night! We went to Nate's work Christmas party at a Mega-Mansion in Newport Coast, CA. The owner of the company bought 2 mansions in Newport and tore them down and built one Mega-Mansion. It was a castle that we enjoyed roaming around all evening. Here are some of the pictures from the evening. I took them on my phone since it would look really weird to take the giant camera to the party. We had great finger foods...I ate my first lamb chop. We played Kinect on 360......I was the only girl who would get up and play in front of the entire room of people (the other wives and girlfriends sat on the couch). There was a fireman's pole from the second story to the main level....I tried to go down it, but the door was locked. We had a wonderful time and it was a great experience and everyone loves working with Nate!
Dressed up and ready to leave
Foyer with Christmas Tree
The Front Door

The foyer
                                          The Open Bar

The pool tunnel....This is the indoor pool that you swim through the tunnel to the outdoor pool

Caesar hid a secret room

The secret room

Nate in the Sauna

Nate in the downstairs the pool

My Turn
The White Marble Bathroom (there was a black one right next to this one)

I love to sleep (take naps) but I do not sleep late. After the party, Nate and the kids let me sleep and I did not get up till noon. Aparently my body really needed the sleep. We cleaned house and watched movies all day. On Saturday night, we went to Huntington Harbor Christmas Light Parade. We had free tickets, given to us by a friend, to go ride on the boats through the harbor to see all the houses and boats decorated with lights.

Let me set the stage for this evening. It does not rain here in Southern Cali. It only mists or drizzles.....and it has been doing this for 4 days now. On Saturday night, we asked if the boats were covered, and were told Yes! So most of us bundled up (Not Nate) and got ready to go. Once we got to the harbor, we were put on the only boat WITHOUT a roof and thus were in the drizzle the entire ride. It was not the most enjoyable hour but I am proud of everyone for making the best out of it. This was the first time my kids have ever been on a boat. While on the tour, the tour guide told us that it took 200 million dollars to build the harbor from wetlands.....which is the same as 10 of the houses you see on the harbor now.....(What, these houses are 20 million each!....Nate and I were totally shocked at this price tag). Here are some of the pictures from the boat ride.
Waiting in line for the bus/shuttle

About to get on the boat

The other boat....that was enclosed

On the Boat!

Nate smiling before realizing we are about to get really wet!

Another enclosed boat

House and boat/yacht

Wagon boat/house

Butterfly Boat

Another House

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