Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and Such!

Christmas has come and gone. It is all a blur but I have pictures to prove I was there. I worked a lot of days leading up to Christmas and a bunch of days after. I did get to spend Christmas eve evening and Christmas day with Nate and the kids. Christmas eve Nate cooked dinner and then we watched "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". I did not get to finish the movie but Nate and the kids said it was pretty good. Christmas Eve the kids went to bed and Nate and I put all the presents under the tree and stuffed the stockings. We told the kids that they could get up after 6am and that we would get up at 7am (shower 1st) and then start opening presents. Joel was up first (of course) and then Nate woke Cori up at 7:45am with a blaring noise from her radio. Nate made muffins and then we went to opening presents. The kids loved all their gifts, including the Wii from Nate and I. We set up the laptop in the living room and took time to call both sets of family on skype. The rest of the day was spent playing wii together, watching football, and resting around the house. It was really nice to be able to relax for the day.
Nate's muffins - from Jen

The first present

Nate's new programming books

The Wii

The aftermath

New Shoes
Playing the Wii

I was back at work on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.....

Monday night Nate and went to IKEA and bought a couch, coffee table and throw pillows. Special thanks for all the family who sent Christmas money for the couch. It took us an hour to load it into the car and then like 3 hours to get it put together and the pillows covered. We got to sit on it for a minute before going to bed because we both worked on Tuesday.
The New Couch

Tuesday night we rearranged the tv and finished setting up the living room. I also have bookshelves in my bedroom now. I always wanted a wall of bookshelves. Then we both got to spend a little time on the couch before bed.
My book shelves
Today, I have the day off from the restaurant. I cleaned the house, did laundry, and took down all the Christmas decorations. Now I am trying to get caught up on facebook, blogging and bill paying.

This month Nate and I have been very blessed with what God has done in our family. Nate has had great opportunities at his job and been able to still work at the restaurant. I have been able to work lots of shifts and God blessed us with a great Christmas with the kids and the money to pay for it. This is the first month out here that it was not the last day of the month and I was worried about paying all the bills. I can't say it enough, We are truly blessed and God is blessing us through the people around us.

My magnet of Bryce Dillard

Bought with a gift card from Mom and Dad Barber
(waiting on this to get here via Fedex)


Jennifer said...

AWWW!! It's my baby! Isn't he a cutie?!?

Valarie Barber said...

Yes! He is very cute. We love our magnet. Get your baby ready, when he visits Aunt Val will take a TON of pictures of him, with him, with him n Nate and so on.......