Thursday, September 15, 2011

Water Leak Saga

On Labor Day weekend, Nate and I found out that we had water leaking into the dryer line under our condo. We called the property manager to have it drained. The guy came on  Thursday to pump out all the water. The reasoning we thought the water was getting into the dryer line was the irrigation water seeping into the line.

I washed/dried all my clothes but when I went to do laundry again on Sunday, the dryer was not working Again! I called again and the plumber came out again to drain the line. Since the dryer line filled back up so fast, that means we have a slab leak. 

On Tuesday, the plumber was Suppose to come by and check out the leak....that didn't happen so on Wednesday he Did find the time to fit me into the schedule. 

All day Wednesday, the plumber worked on the leak. Apparently it was a bad hot water leak under my bath tub. The chlorine in the water is eating away at the copper pipes and thus creating leaks. I was the 6th house in orange county this week. We had no water in the house all day so the kids had to go to the pool house to use the bathroom. I had to go get more water for the dogs at my neighbors house, because they had to stay on the porch all day long. 

The plumber cut out holes in the drywall to re-run the water lines up the wall and over the ceiling, then down the wall in my closet. I had to empty the entire contents of my closet onto my bed in 5 mins. 

Now that the water leak is fixed, I have to wait for the drywall guy to come back in to fix the walls and ceilings. The temperature in my house has gone down 10 degrees since he fixed the leak. I also have less hot spots on my floors. 

Here are some pictures I snuck in while the guy was working in other areas of the house. 
First hole behind the dryer

Hole in my closet

My empty closet


Ceiling holes

The rest of the wall in my dryer

Ceiling hole in my laundry room 
All of my closet on my bed! 

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