Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joel's Reptile Party

Joel was invited to a reptile birthday party on Saturday. This is the room that has all the different cages with lots of different reptiles. I quickly dropped Joel off and was coming back in 2 hours to pick him up. When I went to pick up Joel, one of the employees told me I could just go on back thru all the reptile cages to get him. Why couldn't they just page him or something....Did I mention I hate reptiles and bugs and all guy kind of "pets"

So I quickly walk past the Giant White snake named Twinkie..... (she was in her cage when I saw her).
Twinkie and Tim.

I found Joel and we started to leave, and he wanted to show me one special animal....I walked around a corner to see the 2ft tail of some kind of lizard/reptile. As soon as I saw the tail, I made a bee line for the exit. Joel was yelling for me and I left him behind. As I was running/walking to the car with Joel 6 ft behind and Nate even further behind laughing.

I think this was the animal I was running from.

Joel had a great time at the party. He was able to hold a scorpion, tarantula, and a big snake. He was so super excited to be able to have a very "guy" kind of party.

Pictures are pulled from the Reptile Zoo website. Check them out here.

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