Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sleepover fun

Last weekend, Joel went to a great Reptile party (see previous post), had his first sleepover in CA, and Cori babysat for a friend.

On Saturday, Joel went to a birthday party at a reptile zoo. He then had a friend come over from school. Conner (his friend) was the best house guest I have had in a long time. He maybe said 10 words to us the entire night. Joel and Conner went straight in to Joel's room, played the Wii and watched movies. They only came out for more food and for pigs in a blanket for dinner. They were up early with cereal for breakfast and then we walked him home around 10am. Both Conner and Joel had a blast and asked to do it again sometime.

Nate and I have been spending our Saturday's watching college football. We have also set up characters on WOW that we only play together. Me on the laptop and Nate on his desktop, playing a video game together. We are both having fun spending the time together.

Cori was asked to babysit her friend on Saturday. Taylor is Cori's 8 yr old friend, who lived next door. Taylor's dad asked Cori to babysit for the day while he was at work. Cori had fun playing with her friend and being able to make some money too. I can see her starting to babysit more and more in the next year or so.

We had a fun filled weekend and look forward to another one this weekend too!

Did I mention Alabama is 4-0 and my Dallas Cowboys are 2-1!

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